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  • Human Name: Unknown

  • Aliases: Friday, Brittany, Big Bad Wolf

  • Gender: Female

  • Hair Color: Blonde

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Time Period: Unknown - Modern

  • Species: Werewolf

  • Affiliation: None

  • Status: Dead



8 Facts


Unlike the origin Grimm Fairy Tale, Kathryn is described not as a withered old lady but rather a beautiful young woman.

This allowed Kathryn to be more relatable to the children she wanted to "mother".

Although she appears to have a strong relationship with Gretel - both of love and hatred after the fire, it's Hansel she is mostly taken with.

Seeing him like the son she "could have had" and eventually the man she "could have loved".


Although she was a witch, in death, Kathryn takes on the embodiment of the kind of malevolent spirit that grows stronger by feeding on one's life force. This is seen as Hansel's sanity weakens, Kathryn starts to "grow" her features back.


Although Hansel and Gretel met her in the 21st century, Kathryn has been alive since the Middle Ages, due to her blossoming of a witch.


Just like the recurring theme of the book, Kathryn also has a twin sister named Michelle - a connection enhanced by the craft in both their veins.


When she was young, Kathryn fell in love with the village blacksmith's son, Asher, and planned to elope with him.


A rich lord looked lustfully upon Kathryn and became jealous of Asher. Full of hatred, Lord Jacoban killed the young blacksmith.


Desperate and not powerful enough to bring Asher back from the dead, Kathryn pleaded for Michelle's help but was refused. This severed their twin connection.


Kathryn resorted to the Dark Craft to find a way to bring Asher back. This included the practice of eating children which was said to enhance a witch's power quick and greatly.


However this practice led to the "Curse of Eating Flesh", where once started, one cannot stop craving human flesh. This led to Kathryn's own descending madness.


To protect her only child of her dead Asher, Kathryn abandoned her son, unknowing that he inherited the Craft too.

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