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  • Human Name: Zechariah Bluebeard 

  • Aliases: None

  • Gender: Male

  • Hair Color: Black but Shaved

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Time Period: Ancient Arabia (Birth) - Modern

  • Species: Vampires

  • Affiliation: His Own Clan

  • Status: Alive



Unlike the origin Grimm Fairy Tale, Kathryn is described not as a withered old lady but rather a beautiful young woman.

This allowed Kathryn to be more relatable to the children she wanted to "mother".


Although she appears to have a strong relationship with Gretel - both of love and hatred after the fire, it's Hansel she is mostly taken with.

Seeing him like the son she "could have had" and eventually the man she "could have loved".


Although she was a witch, in death, Kathryn takes on the embodiment of the kind of malevolent spirit that grows stronger by feeding on one's life force. This is seen as Hansel's sanity weakens, Kathryn starts to "grow" her features back.

8 Facts


Grew up in Arabic Slave Trade and fought in slave pits to earn his freedom, however ultimately ends up becoming a vampire.


Met a woman named Odile and fell in love with her. Married in secret due to biracial difference.


His new wife Odile fell ill from the black plague. Bluebeard ended her suffering personally.


Met another woman - Majorie - who he married and had two children with. She fell ill just as well, however Bluebeard turned her to avoid losing her.


Marjorie couldn't control the sudden thirst for blood and unintentionally killed their children. Bluebeard had no choice but to destroy her.


Third woman he married was a sophisticated young lady named Eden - through arrangements - turned her into a vampire too.


However, Eden hated the idea of becoming a monster so to avoid it, to tossed herself off a balcony and broke her head open, killing herself.


Tired now of finding and losing loves, Bluebeard is ready to depart from this world and is looking for someone to uphold his legacy.

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