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Pan's Game

Five years after the horrific tragedy of Neverland, Wendy Darling now finds herself trying to regain her life as a young adult. However will the wicked Peter Pan still have his grip tight on her? Join Wendy Darling, in this twisted version of the childhood book you once knew, as she must confront the past that still haunts her dreams. Plagued by flashbacks of her innocent brothers' violent deaths and her endless torture, Wendy must learn that hiding won't last for long. Will she break once again in this horrific game of Peter Pan? Or will she fight to discover the truth of the curse of Neverland?

The second story of the Twisted Tales continues not far from where Wendy lived. We all know the old tale of Hansel and Gretel however whose says that was the end of the witch? Ten years later, now teenagers, twins Hansel and Gretel must reconnect with the past and present in order to escape the revenge of Kathryn, the witch who they set ablaze. Hansel and Gretel must learn to work together in order to finally put an end to Kathryn's vengeance before her spirit forever holds a grip on them once again.

Gretel's Twin
Red's Cloak

In the third novel of our Twisted Tales, we journey to a small town not well known by most where we discover the compelling story of Red Riding Hood, or as she is better known as Raven Blair. Just like the previous characters' endeavors, Raven must come to face her shocking and horrific past. Now set six years after the classic tale we know of the wolf and her beloved granny, Raven must rely only her survival instincts to make it on her own and save her little brother from her old enemy: the Big Bad Wolf.


The fourth book of the series Twisted Tales takes a different turn all the way to the United States in the small town of Kanarraville, Utah. All four from the previous books - Wendy, Gretel, Hansel and Raven - are called upon by a boy named Benjamin Wilks who has been experiencing unnatural events at the ranch his family owns. Plagued by a demonic being, Ben must come face to face with unrecognizable horrors from his forgotten past and push forward to discover the truth about who he is. Join the beloved characters you have come to love for the most epic story of the series.

Rumpelstiltskin's Child
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Alice's World

In the fifth book, we join the newly created Twisted Tales crew on a case in Miami, Florida as they assist a young lady named Carlie Evans who has been experiencing odd bumps in the night ever since her boyfriend mysteriously died from suicide. Join your beloved fairy tale crew as they fight the supernatural that plagues Carlie. Can they overcome this strange being that walks in the night or will they all fall down to their own insecurities and trust issues?

Dot's Slippers

The Twisted Tales head to Hutchinson, Kansas in the sixth book of the series. What starts out as Hansel's hopeless search to find his "lost" sister, leads the entire crew stumbling into the vicious strings of a demonic presence's vengeful plans. Aided by a sixteen year old girl named Dorothy Gale, the Twisted Tales must stop their new villain's hunt for a pair of flawlessly beautiful yet entrancing ruby slippers that are only leading to more and more spontaneous deaths by the day. Can the crew stop this wicked happily ever after from happening?

Adrianna's Skin

Number seven of the Twisted Tales is taking the readers to the enchanting city resting just above the ocean's waves: New Orleans. Plagued by the encounter of the demon Nøkken, Ben leads the team to the Big Easy in hopes of finding clues to open the mysterious demonic box left in their hands. However, instead of answers, Ben finds himself more and more tangled in the alluring nets of the mythical mermaids- otherwise known as sirens in our world. Friendships are formed and tested and in the end, the only question is who isn't wearing

a mask?

Beauty's Beast

In the eighth book, Patrick and Wendy decide to at long last have their honeymoon, however while they away, the unimaginable refuses to stop their play. Ben and Dakota head to Wyoming to uncover more of Rumpelstiltskin's dark secret while Raven gets a call from Sparrow, her lost love who was supposed to be in a grave however instead is on trial for a murder he swears he did not commit. Relationships are tested as the pressure rises while our Twisted Tales journey leads them to Alpena, Michigan to find who really is the murderous beast.

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Bluebeard's Trick

When reports of strange kidnappings keep happening in Las Vegas, Hansel and Carlie go to further investigate the most recent victim: a young socialite named Alex Croft. However, tensions rise when the couple is quickly separated and Hansel finds himself for the first time alone, caught in a fresh spun web of deceit and death. Armed only with his instincts of survival, Hansel must do whatever it takes to save his new friends and defeat this powerful unimaginable being who might just be the end of him.

Their Creatures

In the tenth book of the Twisted Tales, we follow our crew as they come to realize that the beings they have been fighting to protect, may be one of the most dangerous monsters out there: humans. When a secret government agency known as DOZA is formed upon discovering the unimaginable species, a new threat enters many American lives - taking them from the comforts of their home to a buried prison in New Mexico. Including the Twisted Tales themselves, in which leads Ben to finally having to accept and call for the only help that can save them all.

His Wings

In the Twisted Tales Book Eleven, we pick up right where we left off in the previous book, Their Creatures. As Hansel, Raven and Patrick begin their journey to finding the Sword of Archangel Michael, new lone soul Ben travels back home to Kanarraville. In hopes of atoning his sins, Ben plans on doing whatever it takes to move on from the monster hunting. However although he may be done with the demons, the demons aren't done with him. Neither is the other side: angels.

Genie's Heart

Hansel is heading back to Las Vegas in the twelfth book of the series. Upon arriving and witnessing the aftermath of the Bloody Wedding, Hansel and Raven struggle between each other's own views of finding Ben, who has gone missing from the scene. Meanwhile, reports of missing girls are filling up the Las Vegas headlines and the sick culprit's motives: meeting the Twisted Tales. Hearing the news from Alex Croft, his fellow vampire - in - arms, Hansel journeys back to this city full of sin and corruption: the place where he was murdered.

Ben's Revelation

Two whole years have passed since Ben was dragged to Hell and in this thirteenth book of the series, he has returned to his old country that is now struggling to avoid a new civil war. The Twisted Tales are in hiding, yet are still overjoyed to hear their friend is okay. Though time in Hell is different. What may have been just a couple years for the Twisted Tales gang, has been twenty years of torture for the young cambion. Plagued and driven by the horrors he withstood, Ben must finally come to face the decision on whether to accept or defy his fate as the Antichrist before Hell's Gates break open. 

Michael's Promise

Thirty two minutes. The Gates of Hell were open for thirty two minutes exactly and already the world has been corrupted by previous foes who have crawled out in book fourteen of the series. Now it's up to the Twisted Tales to send them back before they cause even more chaos in their paths of revenge. While Hansel runs through another one of Pan's Games to throw the demon off Sleeping Ben's tracks, Patrick races through Hell to get back to his Twisted Family before a lingering evil hits. Can they beat the clock? Or will time finally be the end of one?

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Carrie's Baby

Book fifteen of the series takes place a couple weeks after the last. Awakened and looking for answers on taking his father's grip off his soul, Ben follows the only lead he has: Carrie Becker, a person forgotten from his dead mother's past. Though it seems Carrie has been expecting the young naive cambion from her dreams as well to return to her loving embrace as a child does for their parent. But when Ben pushes her "mother's love" away? Things drastically change and he discovers why the past is best left forgotten. Casted out and isolated from the world that now fears him, Ben must try to escape on his own from a new mother who will never let him go. Can he do it? Or will Carrie finally have her baby home again?

Li'l Red's Scars

Horror returns home in book sixteen of the Twisted series. Haunted by the nightmare of the Three Legged Wolf and the devastation that is predicted alongside it, Raven reaches out to her brothers' back in Eldern Springs, England. However it seems a phone call won't be enough to settle her fears as strange occurrences begin to happen back in the town's wolf infested woods - including a car crash that is oddly similar to her parents' deaths. Journeying back to where her story begin, Raven must stray from the path and follow the claw marks to uncover her family's dark secret cloaked in red.  

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Hansel's Expired

In book seventeen of the Twisted Series, we follow right where we left out in the last book. Struggling to keep his blood thirst in control, Hansel tries to keep his own family from falling apart. However as he finally reunites with his parents after all these years, dark buried family secrets are dug up as well as the Dead herself. Ties are broken and bonds are shattered and in the end, Hansel will discover how far a father is willing to go to keep his son safe even if it is to to defy fate itself.

Witch's Trinity

In an effort to move on with life, a grieving Ben turns to bring back the Twisted Tales original goal: solving Unimaginable cases. However as the weather is turning colder, the recent deaths in Provincetown Massachusetts are getting bloodier. The cucui sisters - Catalina and Micaela - call Ben and Gretel to help them find out what really has happened to their cousin Diego whose body was mysteriously found ripped apart out in the white dunes of the pale town. However they aren't in this alone as Hansel's efforts to track Bluebeard also brings the young vampire to these dark infested marshes that are just waiting to snuff out any light in sight. Coincidence? Or has some unknown evil force snared this three in a wicked trap about to be burned? 

Abel's Hell

What if the stories we've known for thousands of years had been twisted? That's the question that the crew finds themselves witnessing in book nineteen of the twisted series. While the others journey to Hell itself in pursuit to save Nina from the most dangerous of Pan's Games, Wendy finally learns that the only way to put an end to the monster of her nightmares at last is through accepting her "curse" of mediumship. Only then will the Twisted Tales discover what sins the past brings to force the sacrifices of the present and finally learn that not everything burned into history is the truth.

Bastil's Orders

Ben needs to watch his back in book twenty of the  Twisted Tales. Still being wanted by the country after being framed for the president's murder, Ben has had to remain under the radar. However that all changes when the U.S. Department of Outlandish Zoo Animals (otherwise known as DOZA) receives an anonymous tip of Ben's recent location and sends their new Special Project Bastil - a weapon designed to put down all unimaginables - to bring the cambion to them alive. However upon following the orders, Bastil does not find Ben. Instead this deadly hunter comes face to face with Gretel. And to both of their surprise, she recognizes what Bastil is. Or rather who he used to be. Someone she saw fall down to a place where she could not follow after.

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Lucky's Fun

In book twenty one of the Twisted Tales, people have been reported missing - never to be seen again - in the well reknown Unimaginable circus simply known as the "Animal Carnival". Hansel and Raven arrive in search for one of their own who was last seen at the strange circus only to discover that something far more evil is at play here than just creepy clowns and thrill rides. Something sinister is watching them from the shadows... An evil Fox and a twisted Cat. And they have their hungry eyes set on Hansel: the hollowed hybrid himself. Can Hansel get loose of their traps and strings? Or will he end up on another creature's dinner plate? Remember, Twisted Tales, the most sadistic monsters hide behind the happiest faces. Trust your conscience... Find the light to escape.

Goodfellow's Gift

Take a blast into the past in book twenty two of the series as the Twisted Tales crew is introduced to the magical creatures that obsess over all things 1980s: fairies. What starts out as Ben trying to get a grieving Gretel to come back home, quickly changes when Gretel asks for an impossible gift in exchange. Thankfully, impossible gifts are right up the Fae's ally. Unfortunately, once Ben's identity is revealed to them, he is denied all help and ends up on a mischievous pixie's radar: Puck Goodfellow. Hoping that the young cambion could very well be his golden ticket, Puck takes it upon himself to be Ben's  Fairy Godfather and gifts Ben with a "miracle" that threatens to unleash Hell all over again. Can Ben get Puck to return it in time? Or has Puck doomed the whole world?  After all, It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

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Urchin: The Story of Survival

How far is one willing to go in order to survive? That is the question for orphans in the late 1800s. Ruled out by society, hundreds of children with no parentage and no homes must do whatever it takes to live in this merciless world. Survival of the fittest must be there main instinct. Join the tale of one of these children, William Rowe, through his life to ear the right to not be pushed down. Set in the slums of Whitechapel, London, in a place where rats wouldn't even dwell for long. Through heartbreak and being dragged through the dirt, Billy must overcome all obstacles and make decisions that alter his life and others around him. Doomed from birth, this little urchin knows that in this world- it's either eat or be eaten.

Doxie: The Story of Struggle

Where the story ended in the prior novel "Urchin", we were left with so many questions. Questions such as who is Billy's father? Where did Billy get such survival instincts enough to turn his back on his kin? What is the story of Jack and Blanche? How much damage did Davy do? To find these answers, one must travel back in time, before Billy was even born. Join this new tale of Isabella Rowe, Billy's birth mother, a local prostitute who must discover how easy a rose can fall amidst a merciless world into ashes and cinder in a blink of an eye. Can Isabella tell her story or will there not be enough paper?

Benefits of Hope: Childhood

This is a story about a boy by the name of Hope, growing up in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Ever since he was six years old, naive Hope has been doing his best to take care of himself and his drug dependent mother, while keeping a decent faith in the goodness in other people's hearts. However one day at the park, Hope gets a wake up call when he discovers his best friend has dug himself deep into a grave full of crime and drugs. Despite the sudden chaotic news, Hope is determined to sacrifice everything- including his childhood- to discover all the shady business that led to his best friend's untimely demise. Follow the story of Hope as he realizes how far anyone is willing to go to get a simple fix.

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