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The UnImaginable

Throughout the series, the Twisted Tales crew find themselves amidst a world on the blink of collapsing into chaos. Each crack that reveals itself, reveals a new powerful monster that you wish had remained as the childish folktale under your bed. Below is what the Twisted Tales have encountered and lived to record the tale.

1. Ghosts

Although they appear only to some, ghosts or spirits are the most common supernatural being that the crew has met. Each have their own special appearance, differentiating on how they died. For drown victims, they will have slight blue lips and water oozing out of their mouth while burned victims will be covered in ash.  Ghosts can allow themselves to be seen by whoever they wish however are seen by Mediums nonetheless. If you wish to contact a spirit who doesn't want to be seen, use an Ouija Board. The ghost will be bind to it until the user declares they are finished.

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