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Pan's Game

Book #1 Of the Twisted Tales Saga
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Story of Who She Is

Veronica Ratzloff is an American writer who has published a series of horror novels known as the Twisted Tales by the time she was a freshman in college, studying at Grand Canyon University, in Phoenix, Arizona. With a passion for writing, Ratzloff spends hours pouring out tales from her imagination, making touchy and inspiration novels. The Twisted Tales is a series of horror novels that take your mind on a wicked adventure in hopes of a happily ever after. However, even though she specializes in the horrors for young adult readers, she has always taken quite an interest of London in the Victorian Era, leading to the Urchins series.

Twisted Tales ~ Go Tell Aunt Rhody
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"Sometimes all it takes is a single voice and a stretch of a hand to help bring forth the beauty in someone's imagination."

Veronica Ratzloff


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