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  • Human Name: Adela Coranto

  • Aliases: Dakota, N's Girl, Crazy B*tch, Demonic Whore, Rapunzel

  • Gender: Female

  • Hair Color: Auburn

  • Eye Color: Hazel

  • Time Period: Dark Ages

  • Species: Demon

  • Affiliation: Rumpelstiltskin

  • Status: Alive


8 Facts


of Adela

Dakota's backstory is based on the original Grimm tale of Rapunzel, however rather than being locked away to make her suffer, Adela was locked up to protect others from suffering.

Out of all the demons, Dakota is the only one who had what was coming to her and was not just the victim of a heinous act. 

Countless Black Plague victims fell before she was finally held responsible.

Due to Dakota's past history with the Plague, one of the many creatures that follow in her steps are the rats and the crows. When one sees a group of those, beware: Dakota may be near.



Ever since she was born, Adela had a tendency to get enjoyment out of seeing people in suffering.


To protect others and herself, her father locked her up in a tower, isolating her from the world.


Met Jacques and easily tricked him into believing she was just a damsel in distress.


Convinces Jacques to kill her father to "protect her" from being locked in the tower again.


Married Jacques and lived a false life as a farm wife, however continued to crave power.


Met Rumpelstiltskin and soon grew infatuation with him and his power, ultimately worshiping him and starting the black plague.


When Rumpelstiltskin demanded her wicked soul, Jacques gave himself up in her stead to protect her.


Still, it was no use and the townspeople murdered her, accusing her of witchcraft and sending her to Hell.

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