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  • Human Name: Scooter Walker

  • Aliases: Scoot, The Bloodlust Killer

  • Gender: Male

  • Hair Color: Brunette

  • Eye Color: Brown Eyes

  • Time Period: Modern

  • Species: Werewolf

  • Affiliation: Rumpelstiltskin (Briefly)

  • Status: Dead?



8 Facts


of Scooter


Just like the original tale of Beauty and the Beast, the moral "looks can be decieving" takes effect as at first, Scooter looks unlikely to be a murdering psychopath.


All the people that Scooter targeted as victims were people he believed threatened his relationship with Izzy.

Scooter sees his kills as justice, as the only way he can have Izzy for himself, satisfying his OCD.

Scooter's current whereabouts are unknown. Although he was stabbed by Goldilocks in Duce, New Mexico, his body was one of the many things reported "missing" for DOZA.


When he was ten years old, Scooter lost his father in a horrible car accident, which permanently scarred Scooter's mentality. 


While his mother turned to alochol to cope with the tragedy, Scooter kept everything bottled in and became an easy victim to bullying.


Although Daphne remarried Packer Walker, she still missed her dead husband and started to sexual abuse Scooter once he started to look like his father by puberty.


To escape the abuses of his mother and his new stepfather, Scooter often watched movies and focused on his schooling, becoming one of Alpena's smartest citizens.


It is hinted several times throughout the novel that the adults of the town noticed Scooter's abusive home however refused to acknowledge it.


Because she is one of the only people that has shown him love, Izzy Locklear becomes a valued friend to Scooter.


Over the years, Scooter becomes self inflicted with the mental disorder OCD, obsessing completely over Izzy more than just a simple friend.


With his new sudden "gift" from forces unknown, Scooter plans to kill everyone who stands between him and Izzy.

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