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Alice's Ouija Board

Given to the Twisted Tales by Carlie Evans to store for safekeeping, this Ouija Board was set ablaze by Alice's anger and hatred towards her sister. Although it never fully disintegrated, there is only one sentence that can be made out and that is "Madness is Coming". 

Nøkken's Silver Slippers

Given to the Twisted Tales by Dorothy Gale after rescuing her from Nøkken's clutches, these cursed slippers have now lost their ability to drain the life from their victims. Now, after being bathed in bleach and holy water, and with clever words from Rumpelstiltskin, the once bloody shoes are now their original silver slippers and are a reminder of what occurred in Kansas.

Nøkken's Bow

Given to the Twisted Tales by Ben Wilks after he battled Nøkken to the death. Although it appears as only part of the simple musical instrument, this bow has been stained with the blood of it's countless victims, including it's original owner: Nøkken. Although he is finally been demolished, Nøkken's death has forever traumatized Ben's mind.

Nøkken'S Box

Recovered from Nøkken's bloody remains, this box is one out of six that hold the key to finally defeating Rumpelstiltskin once and for all. A thin ball of thread made out of solid gold, seems easily able to overlook, however why was Rumpelstiltskin trying to hide it for so long? Why did Nøkken fight to the death for it?

Underwood's Family Album

Given to the Twisted Tales by Jennifer Underwood. More like stolen by Ben who went to her in search of answers to uncover more of Rumpelstiltskin's plot. Accompanied by Dakota, Ben was able to avoid violence by persuading and putting Jennifer Underwood to sleep by merely saying the words.

Goldilock's Scissors

Given to the Twisted Tales by Wendy after discovering them up in the attic of the abandoned house Wendy was held hostage in. Despite having caused a massive car accident between the couple, Goldilocks still didn't manage to succeed in taking Wendy's baby and in turn: Wendy managed to swipe the scissors right under her nose.


Goldilock's Box

Given to the Twisted Tales by Wendy, who discovered them alongside the scissors. The box is an exact replica of Nøkken's, and was opened the exact same way: blood of the deceased demon. Inside was another spool of thread made of pure gold. Ben managed to open the box after having defeated Goldilocks in the secret DOZA facility.

The Sword of Michael

Given to the Twisted Tales by the Lady of the Lake who entrusted Hansel to protect it until the time is right for it to reach its full potential and reunite with its true wielder. It disguises as a necklace to protect itself from those who wish to steal it for themselves. Even though appears to be a regular sword, this one of the two objects created by God that can kill anything - even an Archangel itself. 

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Voodoo Pulse Mirror

Given to the Twisted Tales by Mama Baya, the Voodoo Queen of the Bayou. After escorting her safely to her loved ones, Mama Baya enchanted this small compact mirror so Raven could find her own loved ones. Primarily, Ben who was trapped in Hell at the time. Once he crawled out and stepped back on earth, the mirror's reflective surface flickers, imitating his pulse.

Carrie's Posters

Given to the Twisted Tales by Ben after having received them from Carrie Becker. Although they may appear like ordinary animal motivation posters, Carrie used them as a way to hide all her knowledge of Rumpelstiltskin: his history, strengths and weaknesses. She wrote everything she could remember on the backs of the poster boards. The team hopes to use these notes to finally discovering the true way to defeat Rumpelstiltskin once and for all.

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