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  • Full Name: Adrianna Olena Seams

  • Aliases: Adri, Little Mermaid

  • First Appearance: Adrianna's Skin

  • Gender: Female

  • Hair Color: Red

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Birth Date: 10/21/1689

  • Hometown: Somewhere in Norway, New Orleans, Lousiana

  • Species: Siren

  • Affiliation: Lady's Lagoon

  • Status: Dead


  • Family:

    • Kendall Seams (Sister= Dead)

  • Relationships:

    • Ben Wilks (Crush/Infatuation)


"I will be part of their world, no matter the cost."

  • Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

  • Weight: 110 lbs

  • Built: Ectomorph

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

  • Religious Beliefs: Hellenism

  • Dominant Hand: Left

  • Tattoo(s): None

  • Scar(s): None

  • Piercing(s): Ears, Bellybutton

  • Glasses: None

  • Myers Briggs Type: TBA

  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • Temperant: TBA

  • Approachability: 6/10

  • Languages: English, Norweigan

  • Education: None

  • Habits: TBA

  • Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Daydreaming, Seducing

  • Fears: Being Alone, Being a Siren

  • Motivations: Her Dreams and Desires

Extra Details

"Funny... Now anyone can be a monster."

Author's Note Coming Soon.

Creating Adrianna

Brown hair, average hair cut. Used to be a light dusty brown however over the course of the series, it turns back to original dark brown. Mother would put hair dye in conditioner to make him not look like his true father. Streaks now reside like highlights.


Hidden away and parted flannel shirt. Over the years, Ben has begun to lose his "country boy" roots and show more of a darker/neutral style.

Ripped up blue jeans to show his past life on the ranch and the hell he has been through already with his demonic family.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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