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  • Human Name: Aphrodite Venus

  • Aliases: Goldie, DollFace, Chloe, Anassa, Queen

  • Gender: Female

  • Hair Color: Brunette (Human) Blonde (Demon)

  • Eye Color: Blue, Missing

  • Time Period: Greek/ Roman

  • Species: Demon

  • Affiliation: Rumpelstiltskin

  • Status: Dead


Aphrodite was the Greek's princess and was very loved and known for her beauty.


At age seventeen, she was forced to marry the Dorian Prince Lysimachus, to help bring peace to her kingdom.


Although he agreed to marry Aphrodite, Lysimachus was in love with a handmaiden by the name of Polyphonte instead.


During her wedding festive month, Aphrodite was given a white polar bear cloak by Rumpelstiltskin.


Lysimachus only slept with Aphrodite to produce heirs, however not once did she become pregnant.


Polyphonte became pregnant from an affair she had with Lysimachus so the two came up with a plan to be rid of Aphrodite.


During a gladiator fight against bears, Aphrodite was "accidentally" knocked in the arena by Polyphonte and was mauled to shreds, without her husband's help.


A local citizen who had an infatuation on the young queen, reconstructed her body to try to keep her alive, ultimately killing her in the end.


The character Goldilocks's origin is based on one of the stories told of Aphrodite's revenge on mortals.

However unlike the story, Aphrodite was made mortal in the tale, connecting her well in the love triangle.

Using the same animals that helped end her life, Aphrodite forces Polyphonte to have sexual relationships with one.

Aphrodite was forever revered in Greek Culture as the Goddess of Beauty from her father's royal proclamation.

Aphrodite was barely alive when she was left for dead after being mauled by the bears.

The scissors that were used to cut open and operate and construct her body is her original murder weapon.


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