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  • Family:

    • Harold Perry (Father)

    • Susan Perry (Mother)

    • Gretel Perry (Twin Sister)

    • Raven Blair (Wife)

    • Paige Williams (Daughter)

  • Past Relationships:

    • Sierra Scott (Ex-Girlfriend)

    • Cherish Williams (Ex-Girlfriend)

    • Carlie Evans (Ex-Girlfriend)

    • Dice (Ex-Fling)


  • Full Name: Hansel Scott Perry

  • Aliases: Pretty Boy, Crazy, A**hole, Fangs, Prince Charming, Little Vampire

  • First Appearance: Gretel's Twin

  • Gender: Male

  • Hair Color: Brown

  • Eye Color: Brown (2-9), Blue (9-Present)

  • Birth Date: 06/12/1997

  • Hometown: Blanche, England

  • Species: Hybrid

  • Affiliation: The Twisted Tales

  • Status: Alive



"A long shot is better than no shot."


"I'm not a good guy, I'm just a decent human being."

Full Moon
  • Height: 5 ft. 11 in.

  • Weight: 165 lbs

  • Built: Mesomorph

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

  • Religious Beliefs: Agnosticism

  • Dominant Hand: Right

  • Tattoo(s): "709" on Right Arm

  • Scar(s): Gunshot on Chest, Bitemark on Neck, Left Hand missing 3 fingers

  • Piercing(s): None

  • Glasses: Contacts

  • Myers Briggs Type: ENTP

  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

  • Temperant: Sanguine

  • Approachability: 5/10

  • Languages: English

  • Education: High School

  • Habits: Saying before Thinking, Smoking

  • Hobbies: Running, Swimming, Soccer, Smoking, Being a Jerk

  • Fears: Losing Gretel and/or Raven, Being Loved

  • Motivations: Raven

Extra Details


Brown hair, average hair cut. Used to be a light dusty brown however over the course of the series, it turns back to original dark brown. Mother would put hair dye in conditioner to make him not look like his true father. Streaks now reside like highlights.


Hidden away and parted flannel shirt. Over the years, Ben has begun to lose his "country boy" roots and show more of a darker/neutral style.

Ripped up blue jeans to show his past life on the ranch and the hell he has been through already with his demonic family.

Kind of shaggy classic "bro" haircut. Could have done himself without that much use of a mirror.

Sword of Michael Necklace

Grey or white shirt, simple and easy to throw on real quick.

Long, baggy blue/grey jeans. Nice brand, to show his past life of comfort but just a bit dirty/distressed to show how much his lifestyle's changed since then.


Bright Blue eyes = Vampire Trait

Vampire Trait = Bite mark given by his Blood Father, Bluebeard, lasts several months before healing.

Black leather jacket goes perfect with his personality. Tough guy with rough past but deep down is a good guy despite his flaws of what others/ himself thinks.

Black combat boots that are broken down from running throughout the years.

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